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My endeavor into the world of writing includes numerous travel related articles. Several articles were written about my experiences travelling through Costa Rica while researching for one of my books. This article, titled Breakfast with Costa Rican Critters, was published by the Phildelphia Inquirer newspaper and appears in their word renowned Travel Section. Photos relating to the article are shown below. You can enjoy the aritcle here:

Breakfast with Costa Rican Critters


My latest endeavor bookwise is the creation of the Hannah D Mystery series. This series is based on ten-year-old Hannah D and her friends solving mysteries related to ancient civilizations. In this first book Hannah D, while on a cruise to the Mayan ruins in Mexico with her dad and friends, races with evil treasure hunters in search for a magic statue.

The Magic Mayan Magnet

The second book in the Hannah D Mystery series finds Hannah and friends in Costa Rica piecing together a puzzle to solve a mystery related to an ancient civilization.

The Chorotegan Critter Caper

(Note: Due to the books being currently under review by potential publishers they are password protected. Use the Contact tab if you would like to request permission to read the books.)

Costa Rica photos
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* Top quote from Victoria Woodhull.