The Songs of Mark Davis (MAD)
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This is the school I really wanted to go to...

There's witches, there's wizards, there's goblins and there's ghouls
I gotta go to school where harry potter goes to school.
Where wizardry and witchery are school day usual.
I gotta go to school where harry potter goes to school.
They use magic wands and potions not pencils as their tools
I gotta go to school where harry potter goes to school.
So wave that magic wand now make it all come true.
I gotta go to school where harry potter goes to school.
"Dot Com"
The idea for this song came while watching a co-worker leave a message on his mom's web page. It came to me that in today's world, everyone has a web page.

My mom just got a web page.
Now I visit her at mom dot com
Just like the big corporations.
My mom she's now logged on
You can visit her at mom dot com
You can visit her at mom dot com

The world's gone Internet crazy
Everybody's now logged on
Everybody's got web pages
Everybody's gone dot com
Everybody's gone dot com
The story of a man who meets girls, impresses friends, and impresses his parents with stories of all of the great places he has visited and the things he has done. The catch, however, is that he has only experienced these situations on the Internet. (Music written by Biff Tate)

I com to Jamaica at Jamaica dot com
I surf in Australia at Australia dot com
I scale the highest peaks at Alaska dot com
I chat with the Chicas in CostaRica dot com

Without getting out of my chair
I wander round everywhere
With just a click of a mouse I leave home
Without even leaving the house.
Yea without even leaving the house

The chorus to this song ('I com to Jamaica') has many variations, covering numerous locations and circumstances.
"Philadelphia Forces"
I moved from the beach in Treasure Island Florida, to just outside of Philadelphia. Some dark forces had to be involved.

I was forced to Philadelphia
Forced to flee from some place nice
Forced to forget where I fell from
Forced to face that Philly ice

But what I found in Philadelphia
Was good folks filled with good faith
Forget the feelings I felt before
Philadelphia's my favorite place

I'm in love with Philadelphia
Want to ring that liberty bell
Got to shout it out from Independence Hall
I'm in love I'm doing well

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. "
Henry David Thoreau